Welcome to Let India Breathe

We do not want an uprising. We want action.

Let India Breathe is a collective of Indians who are fed up but haven’t given up yet.

We believe we have a robust system, enough resources and multiple issues to solve. But we also believe, it’s we who can make things work. We know our problems, because we deal with them everyday. And a city so great, remains great till the citizens are happy. A thin land strip reclaimed on sea, crowded with people, offices and factories can’t run solely on spirit.

With the advent of technology, we can now speak to the authorities about our problems. Even collectively. Although some people might claim so, the site and the idea is not an initiative of any political party, we will fight any party that comes to power and does not listen to its citizens.

Write, Fight, Win!

In the Media

The Quint

Aarey Activists Hope to Remind Uddhav Thackeray of His Promise

Many activists are planning to reach Shivaji Park for the 6:40 pm oath ceremony to remind Uddhav about the promise he had made ahead of the state polls. Let India Breathe founder Yash Marwah, who also superheaded the young army of Save Aarey movement sounds hopeful about the new regime.

The Indian Express

Mumbai: Risk of city being submerged by 2050, petition demands ‘rethink major infra projects along coast’

The many coastal projects in Mumbai threatens the city to be submerged by 2050. LIB Founder Yash Marwah along with Save Our Coast activists wrote a letter to the CM and the PM to rethink these projects as they will have a long term impact on Mumbai. Currently, the coastal Road project is stayed by Bombay HC as environment clearance is not yet provided.

Youth Ki Awaaz

While The SC Has Restricted Further Felling Of Trees, Is It Enough To Save Aarey?

The decision around saving aarey colony from disasterous projects is hanging on the wall as around 2141 trees were chopped by the BMC and MMRC in 2019. Save Aarey Movement is the biggest citizen movement in Mumbai, and a lot of it happened because of, as Yash Marwah - Founder, LIB, puts it - decentralized leadership and a lot of younsters connecting with the movement.

Mumbai Mirror

CM Uddhav Thackeray stops all work on Metro-3 car shed pending A Review Screen reader support enabled.

City's biggest citizen's movement shows first sign if success as Maha CM Uddhav Thackeray halts metro-3 car shed work. The movement largely owes to the young crowd that joined the movement between 2017-2018, most of whom were led into the movement by Yash Marwah - Founder, LIB.

What We Do

We make cities liveable. We help you shed your guilt.
We reach the root by dirtying our hands and cleaning your hearts.


With our resources from across the world and of course the country, we try and read to replicate the best practices for ecologies across our movements.


We talk after taking long pauses. We enter conversations, to elevate them. It’s the need of the hour and thus the generation to talk about issues that matter. We make that easier through our social media handles.


When you love a city, you want it to live well too. Our constant conversations with authorities are the reason we exist. And we promise to keep continuing the conversations.


We grow trees. We grow our roots. We grow movements. We grow goodness.


We help corporates execute their projects where the do gooder needs a liaison with the doer. Tree plantations, Plastic recycling, waste management workshops, zero budget natural farming workshops, eco talks. All under one umbrella.


Digital activism is cool but have you ever hugged a tree or immersed yourself in swamps or swam in rivers or seen a chilli turn red? Roam with us and our partners.


What do people say About Us

Avinash Chanchal

With innovation, digital mobilisation, and solidarity, Let India Breathe has been fighting against the climate crisis, asking tough questions and mobilising inspiring actions to demand more equitable, just, climate-friendly, and sustainable development.

Youth-led groups like LIB have changed the way young people talk and think about the climate crisis. The fine balance of cool content + solid politics is a huge success.

Avinash Chanchal

Campaign Manager (Climate & Energy), Greenpeace India
Meenal Tatpati

Let India Breathe has been instrumental in recent years for not only raising awareness on critical issues affecting our ecosystems and collective futures, but also in providing a much needed voice to local struggles for land, forests and biodiversity.

It is inspiring to witness their dedicated and constant presence offering support, solidarity and a platform to raise a voice for climate justice.

It is truly heartening to witness a new leadership emerging to address critical survival and environmental issues in the country.

Meenal Tatpati

Senior Research and Advocacy Associate, Kalpavriksh
Siddharth Agarwal

One of the key challenges we face in the environmental movement today is bringing people together for a common cause amidst all the noise that exists. Let India Breathe has been able to consistently, creatively and collaboratively create pathways to eliminate noise and engage citizens in a meaningful manner. We need many more LIBs.

Siddharth Agarwal

Founder, Veditum India Foundation
Abhishek Thakore

Let India Breathe is a much needed site to speak about ecological issues in the city – and as the title suggests, it is about letting us as a city have the consciousness and conscience to take care of our fragile ecology. I wish the website all the best and trust that it will become one of the focal points.

Abhishek Thakore

Blue Ribbon Movement
Kedar Agrekar

The Mumbai of the future will bless the Mumbai of today if we all stand up for what is right.

And this is the right step towards it!

Kedar Agrekar